News | CIO Summit Vienna 2013

IDC’s Vienna CIO Summit – CIOs from Around Europe Discuss the most Urgent Issues and Strategic Challenges

More than 100 Chief Information Officers gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Vienna on April 25 and 26 to debate the hottest current technology and management topics and to learn from each other, IDC analysts, leading ICT vendors, and business gurus about the future of IT and leadership. The invitation-only Summit, organized by the global market research and advisory firm IDC, brought together CIOs from large companies and government organizations from around Europe, with most attendees from the Central and Eastern European region. Read more >>>

Enterprise Social Networks Need Value-Added Demonstration to Move from Pilot Stage

The Majority of CIOs Are Unsure About the Accuracy of ROI from Their Social Business Apps

Based on our interactions with CIOs throughout 2012, early adopters of enterprise social networks, more than the other three pillars of the 3rd IT Platform (cloud, mobile, and big data analytics), display a passion that often crosses the line into advocacy. The reality for most commercial organizations today is that... Read more >>>

In 2013 CIOs Must Leverage Their Greater Insight into Creating Compelling Combinations of Technologies

3rd IT platform mashups will be seen as competitive differentiators   

Although business executives are more engaged in the selection and deployment of IT, the CIO possesses far greater insight into how these technologies can be combined in a compelling way. Read more >>>

The Role of the CIO Will Shift Toward that of Business Innovator Within the Next Five Years

CIOs, as custodians of on-premises infrastructure, need to brace for the impact of cheap cloud solutions.

CIOs Becoming Business Innovators small The Third IT Platform is not only creating intelligent industries and transforming IT portfolios; it is also accelerating the long-term trend of the role of the CIO changing from operational chief information officer to chief innovation officer. Read more >>>

IT Financing Model Becomes Increasingly Service Centric

CIOs and CFOs will opt for 'zero capital' in near future

The harsh reality of 2012 was that while IT may be a critical business enabler, it is consuming enormous amounts of corporate capital — typically 50% of all business investment in equipment annually. This has fueled debate about 'capital-lean' IT infrastructure solutions (such as cloud computing or outsourcing), with widely differing views being aired. Most CIOs tend to focus the discussion around 'suitability for purpose' when making sourcing and platform decisions. Read more >>>

Western Markets Will Experience Shortage of IT Labor by 2016

CIOs will need to cultivate best practices in IT talent strategies

IT talent small The most pressing issues for IT departments in 2012 related to IT talent, according to IDC survey results. Regardless of the initiative being discussed, concerns about transitioning and retraining staff, and the ability to hire and retain staff were always... Read more >>>

Investment Metrics in IT Reflect the Transition to the 3rd Platform

By 2015, 90% of all IT investments will be evaluated in terms of strategic goals

Funding IT infrastructure investments has long been a vexing challenge for business and IT executives. Business executives tend to think of "investments" as long-lived transactions, yet in the IT world many investments have a lifespan of three to five years. Just as the business is getting comfortable with investments made in infrastructure, it is often already time to discuss capacity additions, new functionality, or replacing equipment (or software) that has reached end of life. Read more >>>

Big Data Projects are Challenging and Different

The top 3 issues are data, costs, and skills

Last year, IDC predicted that Big Data would be the hottest topic on the CIO agenda, and the subsequent surveys and market interactions this year have confirmed this prediction. IDC has conducted extensive interviews with IT executives who owned Big Data projects that revealed the challenges in both Big Data and analytics projects. They shared three common themes: data, costs, and skills. Read more >>>

Democratization of Strategic Use of Technologies Weakens Traditional Role of CIO

Line-of-Business Executives Will Be Directly Involved in 80% of New IT Investments by 2016

IDC CIO surveys reveal a sharp increase in business involvement in IT investments. With 58% of 2013 IT investments predicted to be solely or partially led by business executives, IDC predicts that this will rise to 80% by 2016. Read more >>>

IDC's April CIO Summit Attracts Business IT Leaders from Around the Region

Prague, February 22, 2013 – The international research and advisory company IDC is organizing "CIO Summit 2013: Delivering Business Value" for top IT professionals in Europe. This summit, the most important of its kind, provides IT professionals with the opportunity to be inspired by renowned experts from the world of business and technology. The summit will take place in Vienna on April 25 and 26, 2013, and will host conferences and discussions on the latest technological trends and changes IT managers must face. Read more >>>

Choosing the CIO You Want to be Requires Restating Your Goals

Interview with Steven Frantzen
Senior Vice President (EMEA), Managing Director (CEMA), IDC

"To avoid being defined as a high-level IT guy, CIOs need to make it automatic that people think of their role in terms of their goals, which should include things like 'process and business enabler' and 'innovation architect'," explains Mr. Frantzen in an interview on the changing role of the CIO and what it means for business and government. With two decades of experience examining how IT markets change businesses, governments, individuals, and economies, IDC's VP in charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa has studied the ever-changing role of the CIO in depth. Over the years he has met hundreds of IT heads, worked on scores of surveys, and paid close attention to technology and its evolution. Read more >>>

Welcome to the Third Platform of ICT

Frank Gens, Senior VP and Chief Analyst at IDC, provides a compelling strategic view of the next stages of global technology development that will define the future of enterprise ICT.