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IDC’s Vienna CIO Summit – CIOs from Around Europe Discuss the most Urgent Issues and Strategic Challenges

More than 100 Chief Information Officers gathered at the Ritz-Carlton Vienna on April 25 and 26 to debate the hottest current technology and management topics and to learn from each other, IDC analysts, leading ICT vendors, and business gurus about the future of IT and leadership. The invitation-only Summit, organized by the global market research and advisory firm IDC, brought together CIOs from large companies and government organizations from around Europe, with most attendees from the Central and Eastern European region. Read more >>>

Choosing the CIO You Want to be Requires Restating Your Goals

Interview with Steven Frantzen
Senior Vice President (EMEA), Managing Director (CEMA), IDC

"To avoid being defined as a high-level IT guy, CIOs need to make it automatic that people think of their role in terms of their goals, which should include things like 'process and business enabler' and 'innovation architect'," explains Mr. Frantzen in an interview on the changing role of the CIO and what it means for business and government. With two decades of experience examining how IT markets change businesses, governments, individuals, and economies, IDC's VP in charge of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa has studied the ever-changing role of the CIO in depth. Over the years he has met hundreds of IT heads, worked on scores of surveys, and paid close attention to technology and its evolution. Read more >>>